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Persimmons.jpgEvery year in mid-September, the city of Mitchell hosts the Persimmon Festival. These fun-filled days pay tribute to the unique locally-grown fruit.

A persimmon is a plum-sized fruit that has an orange color with a unique flavor similar to pumpkin. Persimmon pudding is a baked pudding dessert with the texture of gingerbread. It is usually served in squares with a dollop of whipped cream.

The persimmon pudding contest is one of the favorite events at the Persimmon Festival. Persimmon pulp is readily available from local residents and farmers' markets during the fall months. Download the winning recipes and try them out for yourself!

71st Annual Persimmon Festival
September 23, 25-30, 2017

Saturday, September 23 Highlights

Monday, September 25 - Saturday, September 30 Highlights

Persimmon Pudding.jpg


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